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  • Mar 6, 2012
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  • GURGAON  is one of the top most growing and developing City in India and a well known city for Business and Job Purpose.Thousand of MNC'S and other Indian Companies situated here in Udyog Vihar and Manesar. Gurgaon is known as a hub of Manufacturing Companies. Maruti , who have make a Mile stone in the field of Auto Mobile Sector is situated in here. There is no lack of Jobs and Brand Name Companies in this Metropolitan City.
    Gurgaon have jobs for all kind of Professionals like; FMCG Jobs, Real Estate Jobs, IT Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Administrative and HR Jobs, BPO and KPO,  Advertising  Jobs, Construction Jobs, Legal and Law Jobs, Mechanical  and Electrical Jobs.Over all Gurgaon have Jobs for Every Body.
    Every Brand name Company is Available in Gurgaon and hiring for the best employee,but you don’t know that who is hiring. Which Company is required for your profile but Career Shapper knows that which Company is hiring. Career Shapper  is a Growing name in Recruitment Services. It’s Clint base is increasing day by day and thousand of Job seekers are posting their Resume at our Job Portal
    We are not one of them job portal who is storing data in their data base to sold out other Consultants so here I would like to specially indicate that Career Shapper is not Collecting data rather we are strive to provide the job who is submitting their resume to Career Shapper.  


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